How to fix my business book

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Who Am I?

I am an energetic speaker and published author. I know all about technology and education and transformed from Physicist to Firewalker as I built my IT support business. I have helped hundreds of people overcome problems with their computer and technology. I help people like you achieve your goals in your personal and business growth as you implement clear and specific steps. From a lack of energy to a business action plan, I will help you.

What’s On Offer?

I’m excited to share with you this compact book about everything you need to know about being in business. A bold claim I know, but true because I have seen businesses really take off when they implement everything described here.

Why Do You Need It?

The reason that you need this book is because in it there are 47 questions to ask yourself about your business. This will start your creative thinking. Like this one – How will you make an impact today?

These questions have kept my business fresh and attractive to new clients every day.

Answer the questions and reflect on how you can apply them to help your clients today.

How Do You Get The Book?

Click on the button at the top of the page. The paperback is only available to UK addresses. The digital version can be sent to anybody around the World. Instantly.

What’s The Catch?

I know some websites offer great free stuff but then force you to sign up to an ongoing programme. Not here! This is a self-contained manual to keep your business on track. The only catch is – you will have to do some work.

Why You Need To Act Now

Every day that you are off course will take you farther from your goals. Imagine an aeroplane on autopilot. Just a degree out at take off will take you hundreds of miles away from your destination.

What Is Your Guarantee?

If you find that taking actions described in the book do not help you in any way then send me an email. Tell me about your business, what precise steps you took and the results. I will personally get back to you with custom feedback.


For those of you like me who like to get straight to the point – here’s the short version. I’m Jon Frost, transformed from Physicist to Firewalker. Take the hints from my book to transform your business with changed mindset and better processes. There’s no catch except that you will have to do some work. Not get rich schemes here. Just add value and be kind to your clients.

How to fix my business book

Buy The Book

£14.97  – Paperback UK Only

[direct-stripe value="ds-1530786208549"]

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