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Your business success is our priority. We will assess the current viability of your business by looking at your one most important product or service, your single best customer and your present route to market. We will work together to develop an innovative marketing strategy to meet your needs, with specific targets and milestones. We will look at your competition and build on their strengths while learning from their weaknesses.

Stand out from the crowd, attract new clients with a beautiful website from £70 Per Month.

“What you prefer or what your designer prefers doesn’t matter if it’s not getting you conversions.” Naomi Niles

Facebook says that users spend 50 minutes each day on its Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms. You can’t afford to be invisible on the main social media sites. We will help you build a significant presence to get more customers.

“Your website is your greatest asset. More people view your webpages than anything else.” Amanda Sibley

Is it working for you? We will help you analyse traffic to your website and visitor behaviour within your website. This lets you optimise your site content to keep customer attention and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

About Us

Jon was born in London and has an honours degree in Physics from Imperial College, London and has a PhD in Electronic Devices based on work done at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge.

Jon has run the local IT business Fix-My-PC.net for the last 16 years and has more than 5000 satisfied customers. He has helped more than 30 small businesses with their IT infrastructure installation and maintenance. He is unique because he has experience both as a startup business and as a small business adviser.

He is a tenacious problem solver and self-confessed geek. He has a logical mind and resolves technical issues by calm, systematic reasoning. His clients have shown their appreciation by leaving many testimonials, for example on the nationally recognised directory at Freeindex.co.uk

Jon started the computer business as a hobby and went full time when it was costing money to continue with his salaried day job!


Over the years, I have been asked countless times (OK, at least a thousand) by clients to recommend a good book that served as a “primer on business building.” Each time, I saw the overwhelm that quickly ensued as I produced an encyclopedic list of books on self-development, systems, staff management, marketing and sales..ad nauseam.  There wasn’t a single resource for busy business owners in desperate need of an introductory book on online marketing. Until now…